Create a Successful Donation Website for Your Nonprofit

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Create a Successful Donation Website for Your Nonprofit

Check out your nonprofit’s website does it encourage you to donate? If you don’t feel this way, your potential donor probably does too. Knowing how to craft a donation website that inspires support is essential if you want to increase your fundraising!

Think of your website as your personal assistant. Donating online should be easy if set up correctly. Even better, it also handles the administrative work of processing donations.


Adding a link to your PayPal account on your website is an easy way, but it definitely won’t bring in the money you’re hoping for. Instead, you should make a donation page that showcases what your organization is all about!

This blog post will walk you through how to build a donation website that will turn your supporters into donors!

Why Your Giving Website Is Essential to Your Organization

If you want to drive giving online, you need to create a donation page that really catches the eye!


A great donation page should:

Let people give anytime, anywhere. Whether your supporters are relaxing on the couch or taking the subway to work, your donation page should always be just one click away. An attractive and functional mobile website is a must-have

Make it easy for supporters to donate quickly (and impulsively!). Giving is often emotionally driven. If you can create a donation page that resonates on an emotional level, an easy-to-use donation page will inspire impulse giving.

Automatic payment. Recurring donations are your best friend! You might be surprised how many donors take the one-and-done option.

Centralized organization of messaging. People don’t have to search your website for information about your nonprofit. When you make a donation page, all your key points should be visible and well-branded.

Meeting donor expectations in an increasingly digital fundraising space. Your donation page may not be the first place a donor encounters online giving. Be sure to use typical best practices so you look professional and trustworthy!

A well-crafted donation page can make all the difference in the money you raise. Without any online presence, you lose all your online donors – and if your donors are poor, you reduce your donor base.

Got a great one? You’re growing your organization, one page at a time!


12 Tips for Creating a Successful Giving Website

It only takes a few seconds for someone to decide whether they will stay on the site or not. That’s why it’s crucial to optimize your donation website to grab your audience’s attention.


To make sure you are on the right track or path. Here we discuss 12 tips for creating a successful donation website:


A good fundraiser name should leave a strong impression. The name of your fundraiser sets the energy and expectations for your event. Make sure it stands out and sticks with it!


Tell a compelling story about your fundraiser and cause. Adding the human element makes people more likely to donate. Using real testimonials from nonprofit beneficiaries can give your event more urgency.


Add visuals to grab attention and communicate your mission’s story. Inspirational images related to your nonprofit let people see at a glance who benefits from your work.


Optimize your CTAs and buttons to ensure donors land on the right page. Make as few clicks as possible! Prominent buttons and CTAs should guide your donor’s eyes exactly where they need to be.


Simplify your forms and make donating easier. The more complex the giving, the more likely people are to give up. A simple form makes giving a breeze and makes people happy about giving, not frustrated that it’s difficult to give.


Process your donation immediately. Reduce the wait time between donation and acceptance—both your organization and donors benefit from a neat process.


Send automatic tax receipts to donors. Avoid the administrative nightmare of having to comb through databases for who needs tax receipts. Your donor will be delighted to get it immediately!


Collect donor information directly into your database. Speaking of that database – accepting donations isn’t just about bringing in money. Developing donor management capabilities will allow your organization to thrive in the future.


Use an authorized or scheduled email to keep in touch with donors. Regular contact will remind your donors that your nonprofit exists! Keeping them updated on your organization’s goals and successes can add a level of familiarity that can translate into future giving.


Share a summary of your goal donation progress. Donors want to know that their giving actually makes a difference. Seeing this progress makes them proud to have contributed to your cause.


Gain an edge with effective software. Listen – with so many moving parts, the right software will simplify your process in ways you won’t believe.


Get the word out by promoting your event. Marketing, marketing, marketing! If you want to show off your beautiful donation page, you have to make sure it actually reaches potential donors.

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